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Crane runway

Qualitative crane runway is the precondition for reliable and long term operation of cranage. From the state of crane runway depends the lifting mechanism operation time. The control of the state and repair of crane runways according to the requirements of producers will raise economy and operation period of your cranage.

Projection, manufacturing, installation and repair of runways is the most primary activities of our company.

  • We offer to work out the project of runway;
  • Assembly of runway according to a project;
  • Repair of runway;
  • Geometry restoration of runways;
  • We offer to observe the construction of your building, to offer you an optimal construction of a crane and to project and assembly runways for it.

  • Runway is a railway track on which cranes move. Runway is the base for lifting equipment assembly, e.g. bridge cranes. They work as a track for lifting equipment movement.