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The modernization of cranes – reliable and profitable solution

The modernization of cranes provided by our company specialists gives you an opportunity to increase reliability, safety and productivity of your crane. We modernize all kinds of cranes in accordance with customer´s requirements.

During the process of modernization you have a possibility to improve its technical characteristics, operational reliability and energy consumption.

As a result of modernization a crane is brought into correspondence with up–to–date technology and period of operation requirements, costs connected with operation and technical maintenance works are reduced.

Thanks to modernization you will reach the following results:

  • you will increase the operation period of cranage;
  • you will bring crane into the accordance with up–to–date requirements of safe work with lifting equipment;
  • you will raise the reliability of cranes;
  • you will have an opportunity to implement non–typical decisions in order to satisfy the requirements of production;
  • you will improve the control of crane;
  • you will improve the view of load for crane–operator and you will provide him with safe and ergonomic conditions of work;
  • you will decrease the amount of workers, who participate in the process of material handling;
  • you will raise productivity of your enterprise;
  • you will decrease the costs for crane technical service.